065:336 Sparks

Just because I’m intelligent doesn’t mean I’m smart.

This is my story.

On a certain Sunday (which may or may not have been yesterday), I found myself at that time of the day when lunch is regularly served.

As I was alone in my home, it was up to me to come up with the menu.

As I can be quite lazy at times, I decided to make myself a Cup-O-Noodles like dish. Since we had been in Thailand during the past year, we had brought home with us several of these easy-to-make cups from Bangkok.

In our Thai home, when I wanted to make one of these cups to enjoy the noodleness within, I would pour hot water into from our water cooler. Since it was not advised to drink water from the tap, we had a water dispenser in our house that delivered both hot and cold H20.

In our Virginia home, we do not have such a device so I did the next best thing.

I poured water from our safe tap into the cup, placed said cup into the microwave, and pressed the “Start” button.

I will give you a few seconds to remove your hand from your forehead.

After the first set of sparks arced through the microwave, I quickly hit the “Stop/Cancel” button.

Turns out, the lids of these instant noodle cups contain foil…which is metal…which is not healthy to put into a microwave.

The smell of ozone was my lunchtime companion.

That’s my story.

P.S. For my other dining misadventures – such as what I served the woman who would become my lovely wife the first time I cooked for her – well, those are stories for another suppertime.


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