076:336 Drawings

Continuing with this week’s theme about my drawing ability (as seen here, here, and here), today’s story revolves around a bout of creativity I had circa 1997.

This is that story.

It all started with a puzzle I saw in the San Diego Reader. This publication was (still “is”, I believe) an alternative weekly periodical and one of its features was a puzzle with a mind-bleeding degree of difficulty.

One of those puzzles provided the reader with line drawings of everyday objects. However, the lines that comprised the drawings were actually in the shape of letters. Those letters spelled out the object being drawn. The puzzle was to identify the objects.

Sadly, I have no examples from that puzzle to show you what I am trying to describe. However, after attempting to solve that puzzle (way back during the dawn of the second Clinton Administration), I decided to try my own hand and creating those types of drawing.

Here are some of those examples. If you want to try and guess along as to what the objects are, I have placed the answers at the bottom of this post. Be aware that some of the letters can be backwards and some can even be stretched….just a tad. Enjoy! Your time starts now…


Here’s a two-fer…


Grab your spoon…CavSundaeCrop

This is one of my favorites…


Let me tee another one up…


And now for the advanced class…


I am positive this type of puzzle has a name, but I never discovered what it is.

So I created these (and more) and then filed them away.

That’s the story.

P.S. I created some of these types of drawing that portray real people, but that’s a story for another day.










Angel / Devil




USS Kitty Hawk



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