093:336 Welcome

Today, I started a new job.

In terms of my history of “first days”, today does not rank among the best, but (thankfully) neither does it rank among my worst

Don’t misunderstand me. Today’s sessions of orientations was pleasant and informative – and I met some nice people – but it is a fairly high bar to best my best “first”.

This is my story.

In August of 2000, I went to work for a start-up company that specialized in developing software.

Then again, in the middle of the year 2000, in the world of information technology, who wasn’t working for a start-up? Ah, those lovely days when all you needed was a “dot-com” after your name and investors would simply throw wads of cash your way.


Anyway, as for me back then, I had hired by this start-up to be a software tester.

I arrived at 8:00am sharp at my new office and was shown to my desk and computer. Now you will notice that I was not shown to my chair. This because there was no chair waiting for me.

As part of the welcome ritual for this company – and the reason why this first day ranks as my best first day ever – each new employee was required to build their own chair. Now, you might think this was some sort of hazing ritual (which it slightly was), but this thought was mitigated by the fact that the chair being offered was a high-end, extremely comfortable swivel chair.

It was a dream to sit in and spend eight hours a day staring at a screen trying to discover bugs in software. And it wasn’t that hard to assemble, either.

That’s my story.

As a side note, I should inform you that my third day at this start-up was even better. The CEO had booked a cruise around the Chesapeake Bay – bus trip and meals included – and so that is how I spent my first Wednesday with this outfit.

Like I said, it’s a high bar to beat.

P.S. As for my worst “first”…well, that’s a story for another day.


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